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Hollywood Revisited: Original Classic Hollywood Costumes and Musical Extravaganza

Hollywood Revisited, a musical stage extravaganza of original classic movie costumes, dance and film clips, sold out three years in a row at Modernism Week. Now a chance for everyone to see the show! $25 (45 min)
Streaming until March 31, 2021
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Hollywood Revisited
sold out 3 years in a row at Modernism Week, and now as a special online experience, everyone can see the show!   

From the 1930’s to the 1960’s, Hollywood film directors demanded spectacular costumes. Studios hired the biggest designers and fashion icons to bring to life the glitz and the glamour that moviegoers expected. Academy Award winners Edith Head, Adrian, Jean Louis, Charles le Maire, and Helen Rose were just a few legendary designers that became household names because of their designs. In many cases, their creations were just as important as the plot of the movie itself.   

Greg Schreiner is one of the most well-known collectors of classic movie costumes, having assembled a stunning collection of over 300 original designer masterpieces. Costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Julie Andrews, Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn, Mae West and Judy Garland are just a few from the vast collection that dazzles the audience.   

Greg shares his collection of original costumes in the musical theater extravaganza, Hollywood Revisited.  The great Hollywood films of the 1940s to the 60s are highlighted, a period of time during the Golden Age of Hollywood so closely associated with Palm Springs. Acclaimed vocalists sing and dance to movie-related music while wearing the original costumes. Schreiner, a concert pianist, provides the musical accompaniment and entertaining anecdotes about the designer, the movie and the scene, while on screen, the costumes and the stars wearing them are shown as originally seen by moviegoers


The organizer of this program is Modernism Week. This program is streaming through March 31, 2021.




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