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Fast Forward Part 1: Designing The Future of Palm Springs (2020)

Enjoy a virtual conference with more than 25 notable speakers including architects, authors, preservationists and city representatives. This program qualifies for AIA CES.
$25 (3 sessions, 2 hours each)
Streaming through March 31, 2021
Category: AIA Continuing Education, Presentation, Talk, Encore Presentation


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The organizer of this program is the Palm Springs Architecture Alliance.   This program is streaming through March 31, 2021.


“Fast Forward: Designing the Future of Palm Springs” is a virtual conference with more than 25 notable speakers including architects, authors, preservationists and city representatives. The topics will highlight numerous important issues impacting the future of Palm Springs’ architectural landscape. “Our purpose for presenting this groundbreaking conference is to provide a forum for Palm Springs’ residents and all interested parties to hear thoughtful discussion from a wide array of perspectives and to become fully engaged in shaping the future of our world-renowned architectural mecca,” commented Dick Burkett, co-founder Palm Springs Architectural Alliance and chair of the Palm Springs Historic Site Preservation Board.

This is an encore presentation from 2020.

Session 1

“The Palm Springs School”  Alan Hess
Making the case for desert modernism to be named the Palm Springs School.

“Palm Springs: The International Brand”  Peter Morruzzi and Chris Menrad
How did Palm Springs earn the reputation as the Modernism Capital of the World?

“Preservation Matters: The Economics of Preservation” Chris Mobley 
Modernism Week makes serious money for the city, the neighborhood organizations, and preservation groups. 

“Architects and Developers in Conversation” Sidney Williams with Council Member Dennis Woods and Preservationist Tracy Conrad 
Are these two groups destined to oppose one another or can they find common ground?

Session 1 qualifies for 1.5 AIA CES Learning Units


Session 2 

The Politics of Architecture” 
Alberto Cavallero will discuss history and social issues as they relate to architecture and the institutionalization of discrimination or equality.

“Adaptive Re-use: 3 Case Studies” Gary Johns with

Jim Cioffi - Robinson’s Department Store 
Susan Secoy Jensen - Kaptur Plaza 
Louis Grachos - PSAM Architecture and Design Center

“High Design for Low Income Housing” Brooks + Scarpa 
The architects will discuss how they approach low cost housing projects with an eye to innovative use of common materials to achieve high design.

“3D Printed Housing for Today” Sam Ruben
These 3D printed houses are among the first to win state approval for use throughout California.

“Architects and Developers in Conversation” 
Sidney Williams with Architects - Lance O ‘Donnell and Marina Acosta and Developers - Michael Braun of GRIT and Chris Pardo of ARRIVE Hotels
How do these professions work with cities to build the future?

Session 2 qualifies for 2.0 AIA CES HSW (Health, Safety, Welfare) Learning Units


Session 3 

“A Master Plan for Irvine” Alan Hess 
Alan Hess will present ideas about the “top down master plan” that makes Irvine, CA so successful.

“Design Guidelines for Redlands and Anaheim” 
Mary Ringhoff and Evanne St. Charles will present examples of “bottom up design guidelines” that help cities navigate and manage development successfully.

“Developing Design Guidelines”
Susan Secoy Jensen with panelists Maria Song, Bill LaVoie, Brad Shuckhart and Robert Rotman will discuss the development of design guidelines and a checklist to ensure that future development meets our most important criteria while encouraging innovative and excellent architectural design.

“Albert Frey’s Aluminaire House in Palm Springs”
Louis Grachos will share exciting news about the Aluminaire House and the Palm Springs Art Museum.

Session 3 qualifies for 1.5 AIA CES Learning Units

Session 1 qualifies for 1.5 AIA/CES Learning Units (LU).
Session 2 qualifies for 2.0 AIA CES HSW Learning Units (LU).
Session 3 qualifies for 1.5 AIA/CES Learning Units (LU).


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