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Best of Mod with a Twist (2021)

Mod with a Twist is a light-hearted but deep dive into some the more obscure topics about the midcentury. Chuckle along with the presenters while you are guaranteed to learn something new.
$15 (45 min)
Streaming through March 31, 2021.
Category: Presentation, Talk


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Mod with a TWIST is a series of ten minute presentations highlighting the fun, craziness and often over looked topics about the midcentury.   

These audience favorites are some of the best Mod with a TWIST from previous programs, presented by those wacky founder of Makerville. Join Jay Zaltzman, Kurt Cyr, Debra and Richard Hovel for enjoyable session of "think and drink" event.   Sit back and enjoy "West Coast Cool: the intersection of architecture and music in California", "What Do We Hate Now: the fickle nature of architectural adoration", "Revered and Reviled: Why do we worship the architecture of the midcentury but disdain the food?" and finally, "Naked History: The true history of naked hermits, waterfalls and hit songs written in Palm Springs".   

So, grab the beverage of your choice, relax and enjoy the show!


The organizer of this program is Makerville, LLC.  This program is streaming through March 31, 2021.


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